The Inspectorate & Monitoring Department is saddled with the responsibility of carrying out safety Inspection of work places across all domains (socio-economic sectors) across the state with a view to identifying hazards, risk assessment and proffer possible mitigate measures as a proactive plan to prevent accidents and ensure hazard free work place and environment in line with successful attainment of the mandate of the Safety Commission, which includes providing leadership and direction in building a motivated workforce for service delivery.

  • Work Planning of companies or facilities to inspect.

  • Attends to all public complaints arises from safety issues.

  • Carrying out safety inspection to all facilities.

  • Conduct mediation meetings arises from safety issues.


  • Ensures that Letters are prepared, signed and forwarded to companies to be visited.

  • Carrying out safety inspection to the facilities/companies as scheduled.

  • Conduct walk-through inspection of facilities.

  • Write report of facilities inspected and forward the same to DG through HOD. Communicate findings to the facilities inspected with a moratorium.

  • Monitor compliance status of the facilities inspected.

  • Conduct mediation meeting with a view to resolve safety issues.
  • Liaise with other MDAs in safety issues.

  • Liaise with other heads of Department to ensure proper implementation of mandates of the commission.